Short Mothers Day Quotes

Thank you mom

Short quotes are always inspiring and deep meaning. It is play a very important role during any occasion. Mostly people always prefer to short quotes on different occasions. This year if you want to wish your mom on mother’s day then we will recommend you to wish her with best short mother’s day quotes because quotes always attracts to others and we are sure when you will send short mother’s day quotes then she will feel happy. So get through us best collection of short mother’s day quotes.
Thank you mom

  • Every beetle is a gazelle in the eyes of its mother.
  • It’s not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it.
  • Of all the special joys in life,
    The big ones and the small,
    A mother’s love and tenderness
    Is the greatest of them all..
  • Best friends forever, mom and me
    picking flowers and climbing trees.
    a shoulder to cry on, secrets to share
    Warm hearts and hands that really care.
  • There is no greater place of ministry, position, or power than that of a mother.
  • A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.
  • Men are what their mothers made them.
  • My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.
  • If you can’t go back to your mother’s womb, you’d better learn to be a good fighter!!!!!
  • All that I am or ever hope to be,
    I owe to my angel Mother.
  • “Of all the rights of women,
    the greatest is to be a mother.”
  • Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials.
  • Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother!!!!
  • Thank you for always being there, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day. There’s never been a minute I wasn’t glad you were my Mom.

We have done all efforts to collect best short Mothers day quotes online and offline. Feel free to use these sweet Mothers Day Quotations anywhere you want.

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